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The Six. That’s us! We’re not just a board game café on Sheikh Mohammed Boulevard, we’re a bunch of people who love games, love good food and love to have a great time. We are located in the heart of Dubai, right in front of the iconic Burj Khalifa! Our mission is to bring people and reconnect back together!


We’re offering a relaxing space that feels like your home away from home to spend it with family, friends, co-workers, and even new people. We are providing and curating a fun and engaging haven for board game lovers and the part of the community that want to explore the wonderful worlds of the new generation board games.


We’re not just making coffee, we’re building a community!

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We are a Board Game Cafe with more than 1,000 games in our massive library. The concept is simple, you can grab any game you like or have one of the Team Gurus recommend one.


In either case, we bring out the game, we set it up, we explain all the rules from A to Z and we even play a quick round with you to make sure you are playing the game correctly.

You can sit and play as many games as you like for as long as you like, we only charge 35/AED per person.



Shareable salads. Sweet savoury wings. Shareable sliders. We know that getting the munchies is inevitable when playing games, so we serve a wide variety of food to cater to hungry gamers! From snacks and desserts like freshly made popcorn, crepes, waffles, and sundaes, to hot and cold beverages, we’re here to satisfy every dining option.

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From decorating tiles in Azul to surviving the undead apocalypse in Zombicide or running through a game you haven’t played yet; our constantly curated and updated library of games are here to entertain you.


Whether you’re looking for something new, or feeling pretty nostalgic, our team of gamers will find the right boardgame for you! If we don’t have a game you’re looking for, send us a request and we’ll do our best to have it available for your next visit!

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Can’t decide on a game? Don’t understand the rules?


Our game gurus are here to help! They can run you through the game’s mechanics and recommend you some games you will definitely love!



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Toy Train






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